Lora Solomon

FNP MSN Institute for Functional Medicine certified

Main: 704-333-4817

Do symptoms of  fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, anxiety or depression keep you from reaching your full potential?  These are signs that your brain is not functioning optimally. And guess what?  If your brain is not working well then your body suffers too . . . 


But where can you go for help when 7 minutes is the average doctor’s visit. Don’t you want more than just another prescription and the inevitable side effects? 


My expertise is in the Functional Medicine or "root cause” approach to improving your brain health. 


This is a personalized and proactive approach using cutting edge research to heal the often overlooked causes of your symptoms.

I use testing to identify and resolve potential causes (like hormone imbalances, food sensitivities, and nutritional deficiencies to name a few).

Targeted supplements, hormone replacement, and specific protocols customized for each phase of healing based on your root causes, lab testing, and history.

Using these Functional Medicine tools, I will provide you with actionable mindset, nutrition, & lifestyle recommendations so you know exactly how to continuously improve the health of your brain and body. 

North Members


Laura Azran
Owner + Creative Director

Cornelius, NC 28031
Cell: 704.495.0546
Email: laura@azrancreative.com
Web: www.azrancreative.com


After designing for over 15 years in the fast-paced advertising, retail and publishing industries, Laura Azran decided to strike out on her own. Her desire to take her years of brand experience and her focus on providing clients with effective, eye-catching design solutions that help them succeed in today's marketplace was the driving force behind forming Azran Creative. Our company specializes in creating all the print and digital elements needed to create a professional brand for your company that will truly stand out. 


Andrea Purcell


2101 Rexford Rd.
Suite 100E Charlotte, NC 28211

Main: 703-725-2048

Art Space Studio

Hillary Moulliet

14126 Rivergate Pkwy #200 
Charlotte, NC 28273
Main: 704-504-9310
Cell: 704-619-2489

We're one-of-a-kind: the high ceilings, natural light, inspiration all around and a bunch of friendly gals - with many creative bones in their bodies - who are on hand to creatively assist from start to finish. Art Space Studio is all about the experience as much as the final product.

We're Charlotte's coolest painting and glass fusing studio - and we are for ALL ages. Walk-ins welcome. Book your next child's birthday party, ladies night, neighborhood outing, baby shower, bridal shower or corporate affair at the studio (use our awesome private party room).

Our customers say: I love the atmosphere!! I can come there alone or with friends and always have fun painting and hanging out!! I love the selection of products and the quiet, friendly atmosphere.

Art Space Studio is in its TENTH year of business and is owned by Hillary, who came to Charlotte after successfully running her first studio in Florida for five years. Hillary and her team of eleven staff - those gals with much awesomeness - invite you to take an art break. Your inner child will thank you greatly!

Art Space Studio about 20 minutes from all over Charlotte (well, drive fast if you're in Huntersville).

Ilyssa Israel
Personal Assistance

Charlotte, NC 
Main: 516-732-2056

I help busy people streamline their lives and get organized. Working with executives and self-employed professionals in the Charlotte, NC area, I provide wide range of support, some of services I provide are:

• Travel arrangements
• Small-scale event planning/ management
• Expense processing/ tax organization
• Social media management
• Update website content using Squarespace & WordPress
• Organize office/ home/ closet
• Personal shopping
• Banking and bill pay
• General clerical responsibilities including/but not limited to: scheduling/emailing/corresponding with clients and vendors

As a former Executive Assistant to New York City Investment Banking Executives and Executive / Personal Assistant to a Hedge Fund CEO, I have freed busy professionals to do what they do best by taking care of the details that pile up and I have brought that skill-set to IlyssaJane - Your Professional Best Friend.



Jolonda Washington, RPh
Executive Director and Co-Founder
PO Box 481287
Charlotte, NC 28269
Main: 704-900-4734
Fax: 704-494-8416


Bottles N Bottoms, Inc. helps families in need by providing the basic essentials of diapers and formula. We've got both ends covered! We are a Christian based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and have been serving families since 2011. Bottles N Bottoms, Inc. is the only diaper and formula bank in Mecklenburg county. Diapers are not covered by food stamps. We strive to raise the awareness of the "diaper need" and the importance of nutrition for babies. We collect diapers, formula and funds through drives and donations from individuals and corporations. Families are referred to us by local social service agencies and other non-profits.

Diane McDermott

Between the Lines LLC

Owner, Head Writer

Ghostwriting services for people with great wisdom, insight, ideas and stories to share. Specialist in writing dating profiles for smart, intentional and badass women. Gifted at listening, reading between the lines and intuitively helping others express themselves. I use written expression to share the unique perspective, wisdom, stories, insight and life experience of others. Seasoned blog writer, storyteller and wordsmith, writing and reading are lifelong passions of mine. The core values woven into every aspect of my life and business include: joy, trust, respect, humor and connection. "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you" - Maya Angelou


Carolina Asset Management

Janna Smith 
Financial Planning

4521 Sharon Rd, #225 
Charlotte, NC 28211

Main: 704-678-2771

As a leader at Carolina Asset Management, I possess a unique set of skills focusing on attention to the clients’ goals, tasking myself to provide value with integrity and developing custom strategies for every client. With a mission to provide clients with effective and financially sound protection strategies, my financial outlines are simplistic for the increasingly complex financial environment we are in. I believe the only way to establish a solid and successful business relationship with my clients are to genuinely be interested in their lives, goals, accomplishments and dreams. As a reflection on my team’s client base, I view these people as my friends first and clients second. As a Financial Professional, I am here to keep you focused on where you want to go, advise you on how to get there, and continually remind you of the importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to obtaining your goals.

Laura Fenn

5950 Fairview Rd., Suite 608

Charlotte 28210


Cell/Main: 704-641-4144

We are the go to location for parents with children who have sensory needs. We specialize in ADHD, Aspergers and Sensory Processing Disorder. We focus on reducing parent stress by creating solutions that are effective for you.      Our counselors communicate with pediatricians, psychiatrists, and other providers such as speech therapists and occupational therapists, as well as the school to collaborate and save you time.  We also offer weekly parent meetings for those parents who know they want a 'play by play' book on parenting a kid with unique needs. Need social skills? Our innovative groups for ages 4-6 and 7-11 offer peace of mind while teaching your child the skills to succeed

Everett Law, PLLC

Kerry Everett
3440 Toringdon Way, Ste. 205 
Charlotte, NC 28277


Office: 980-265-2335 
Cell: 704-604-4414 
Fax: 980-265-2301

Our focus at Everett Law, PLLC is to represent businesses and employees as they navigate the waters of employment and labor practices. We represent both corporations and individuals in state and federal discrimination cases (race, age, gender (including sexual orientation and gender identity), disability, and retaliation), unemployment hearings and appeals, and negotiating employment contracts and severance agreements.
?We can also help you find answers to a full range of family law issues: from absolute divorce, property division, child support, and complex child custody matters, to adoptions, stepparent adoptions and termination of parental rights.

With over 17 years of experience protecting the rights and interests of individuals and families, we understand that clients don't want to hear excuses — they want results. That's why people turn to Everett Law, PLLC for quality service, sound advice and practical legal help, all at a reasonable price. 

Patricia Pirone
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
325 Matthews Mint Hill Rd 
Matthews, NC 28105


Cell: 704-831-8968

People seek counseling for a multitude of reasons. Some may come to address personal tragedies and traumas, such as an accident, medical diagnosis, divorce, death of a loved one, or sexual abuse. Others may want professional help managing a mental illness. Some folks aren't in the midst of a crisis at all, but seek unbiased guidance and support as they explore their true wants and desires.

Whether on the job or the in the classroom, on an athletic field or in the kitchen, at one time or another we have all experienced doubts about our talents and abilities. Our previous experiences impact our present beliefs, relationships, performance, and achievement. ?? Using the revolutionary techniques of Accelerated Resolution Therapy, distressing images and feelings related to past personal traumas quickly improve or resolve and clients no longer experience the lingering negative emotional and physical burdens.

Realizing your full potential may require self-knowledge, self-control, and self-acceptance, but you don't have do the work by yourself. Whether you are just starting your journey or have been to therapy before, give Accelerated Resolution Therapy a try and experience the life changing benefits this evidence-based technique has to offer.

Pirone Group Conseling & Coaching

Nikkeia Lee




Dr. Alexis Carreiro 

Business Consultant

Public Speaking Coach

Main: 929 525 1601

Do you need help pitching your ideas and communicating with confidence?


Dr. Alexis Carreiro is a business storytelling consultant and public speaking coach. When you hire me, you invest in yourself -- because what you say is as important as how you say it. My ideal clients are committed to their professional development and understand the importance of using stages to scale their business.


Whether you’re communicating with a small internal team or a large external audience, you’re on stage. Online, in-person, formal, or informal – it doesn’t matter. You’re pitching ideas in public and you’re on display.


Shakespeare once said, “all the world’s a stage.” When you work with me, I help you own the stage. I blend aspects from consulting and coaching to give you the best of both worlds. It helps you develop the professional skills and personal confidence to conquer any stage long after our work is done.


I have more than 10 years of experience teaching college and more than 15,000 hours of delivering content in front of a live audience. Whether it’s moderating live panel discussions with Oscar & Pulitzer Prize winners or sharing stories on plenary conference panels, I know how to engage the audience. And so can you. Contact me today. 

Holy Pasut 




Deborah Connelly

Lake Norman, NC 
Main: 513-805-8619


LKN BUSINESS SERVICES Increases Productivity & Profits

Providing Implementation, Support and Management of Business Operations and Business Development
On site and virtual services, projects, and recurring service.

Business Services including locating, negotiating, furnishing, and equipping office space.
Create policies, standards, procedures and systems, business plans and philosophy, and short and long term goals. Job Descriptions, Interviewing, Onboarding, Training, Personnel Files, Performance Standards and Review Procedures, and Off boarding procedures.
Record Management Systems and Support, CRM and Databases, Business Tracking, Surveys and Customer Satisfaction, Support, Tracking and Retention Systems and Records.

Implementation and Execution of Bookkeeping, Budgeting, Invoicing Systems, and Accounting Services.
Business Development Plans, Forecasting, Goals and Actions, Strategies, and Ongoing Development and Execution. Marketing Plans & Actions, Strategies, and Events. Advertising Needs, Analysis, and Planning.

Amy Rosewater
Rosy Life Founder & Healthy Lifestyle Enthusiast
Holistic Health Solutions
Health & Wellness Coaching

Main: 980-395-7537

I am a passionate health & wellness coach who strives to help people reach optimal health &
happiness in their lives.
I practice a holistic approach & inspire people to look at all areas of their life & see how they are
connected. As we work together, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the food and
lifestyle choices that work best for you and implement lasting changes that will improve your
energy, balance and health.
I offer a variety of holistic health solutions, when appropriate, that vary from convenient,
nutrient dense, meal replacement shakes & supplements, to Hemp/CBD oil & a homeopathic
transdermal HGH gel.
I only partner with companies who offer the highest quality, purest, & safest products.



Hannah Stein


Main: 919-413-4189

Victoria A. Mauro
Moving Company 

1101 Tarrant Road 
Greensboro, NC 27409
Main: (336) 852-3200
Fax: (336) 854-7022
Cell: (336) 580-9326

We’re more than movers. Whether you’re moving locally or relocating across the continent, our full-service moving services can provide custom packing, storage, and transportation solutions catered to your needs. We ensure that we have the best people and equipment to deliver your most precious belongings on time and in their original condition.

Ask me about our warehousing and distribution capabilities.

Lawrence Companies

Natalie Viglione


1318 Central Avenue

Suite A9

Charlotte, NC 28205

Main: 917-513-3780

Have you ever been stuck in a rut in your personal life, or if you’re an entrepreneur, your business is stuck and not progressing forward like you desire? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! To answer to these issues, I’ve created two paths in which I can EMPOWER people through the stuck times in two unique ways:


  1. Empowering companies through my firm, Team Gu, short for gurus, which is all about providing Ideas Made to Stick. We focus on Business Consulting and Business Coaching services. Each team member (or guru, which just means an influential teacher) has unique abilities and our niche specialties are sales/business development, marketing, and the innovation of the operations serving these functions. Learn more at www.teamgu.com.


  1. Empowering people through my visionary life coaching and guidance program called Disrupt Now.  It’s life coaching for budding entrepreneurs, and for people that desire to evolve their career and change the trajectory of their future. I provide niche programs, plus it’s a podcast with the purpose to #SayNOtoStatusQuo! Learn more at www.DisruptNowProgram.com.


CJ Lawing

Landscape Designs

815 Tom Sadler Rd
Charlotte, NC 28214

Main: 704-526-7774

Kirsten L Aymer
Territory Manager
3820 Carmel Acres Drive 
Charlotte, NC 28226


Cell: 202-487-1737

Providing hospitals with no-cost technology to facilitate patient transitions.
Helping post-acute care providers reach patients at the point of patient choice. 


Holly Whitman

Professional Problem Solver Technician

Reiki Master



    Putting the pieces together! That’s what we do!


Main: 508-958-6200 

Do you feel you need a break from life/work/family?


A woman's daily routine can be so busy and overwhelming these days that we HAVE TO stop and take care of ourselves.  Simply-Helping Retreats offers an intimate, affordable and serene space to do just that while staying close to home.


At Simply-Helping Retreats we invite you to relax, renew, reflect, rest and be yourself while visiting our little piece of heaven. Receive the healing,nurturing and inspiration that you are looking for through one of our classes, guided meditations, holistic healing sessions or just sitting by the pool. Be as social or as quiet as you need to be.


Sara Nixon
Commercial Interior Designer

2326 Distribution Street 
Charlotte, NC 28203
Main: 704-813-3568

Web: www.g7interiors.com


Grier Interiors is a family-owned Commercial Furniture Dealer based out of Charlotte, North Carolina’s historic South End. Some of you may know us previously as Gregory Grier, Inc. We proudly service client’s small to mid-size in the Charlotte and surrounding areas. Our success is the result of establishing valuable, mutually beneficial long-term business relationships with our customers. Grier Interiors is dedicated to being a partner to our customers and being a team of talented people who can be depended on both now and in the future. Grier Interiors leverages partnerships with high-quality brands to develop custom solutions for each client. With over one hundred furnishing lines and a full array of professional services, our Team will listen to your wants and needs to design a solution that you will be proud of while meeting your budget and your timeline.

Services We Offer:

Space Planning and Design (Furniture and Flooring)
Move Management
Panel Cleaning and Annual Maintenance


Tori Stevens

Career Enthusiast & Recruiter 


Main:  810-964-0273

I believe we need to be vulnerable and believe in ourselves that the life experiences gained in our personal and professional lives will give us the leverage to create new opportunities in our future. In other words, be the change you wish to see in this world (thanks, Grandi!). This starts with holding up a mirror to yourself, finding your values and transferable skills you’ve gained through your life and creating space in order for future change to occur. My title: Career Enthusiast and my connection to you; to be your resource, mentor, and advocate as I teach you the tools (how to craft a stellar resume, what does into a confident and to the point elevator pitch, and how to be ready for any interview questions because you know yourself and are confident in the transferable skills you’ve gained) and for you to be able to light your own fire (as you go for a new job, do some career/personal soul searching, create a vision for your future career, or expand your horizons on a new industry). I thrive for the opportunity to complete 1:1 appointments with career seekers, presentations (corporate, higher education, groups), workshops, and retreats both within the Carolinas and across the country or world.

Heather O'Brien

Health & Wellness 

Main: 704-641-4289


Stacy Cohen Styling Compan, LLC

Stacey Cohen
2913 Thayer Drive 
Waxhaw, NC 28173


Cell: 704-578-3783

I've been working in the payroll/HR industry for many years and enjoy assisting business owners with managing the life cycle of their employees. With over 2500 clients nationwide, Netchex provides a single source HR solution with many facets of customer service. From employee onboarding, time and attendance, payroll and benefits, our clients lean on us for daily processes and compliance.  

TEW logo.png

Amy Stefanik
Published Author & Relationship Coach
886 Promenade Walk
Fort Mill, SC 29708

Main: 980-269-6687

I'm an Empathic Entrepreneur. I bring to the table a winning combination - 17 years experience on the entrepreneur journey,  and a passion for the entrepreneurs and their emotional well being!  I'm known as a published author, speaker, wife, and mother.  I founded "The Entrepreneur's Wife™," whose aim is to help strengthen and encourage the entrepreneurial family.  Through "The Entrepreneur's Wife™,"  I coach the concept of "one shared vision" in regards to the entrepreneurial journey. My story from being a corporate girl - entrepreneur's wife to now a successful entrepreneur myself and a published author make me relatable to many.

My coaching, programs, webinars, and retreats have inspired thousands to stay in touch with the big vision, find their passion, create momentum in not only their business but also their relationships. I've taught couples they can have both an incredibly successful business and a hugely successful marriage. 


Amanda Valbert

Corporate Recruiter


3023 HSBC Way Suite 200

Fort Mill, SC 29707 

Main: 980-233-5502

Cell: 217-841-4283

TriNet is a PEO - Professional Employer Organization.  We partner with small and medium sized businesses (SBM's) all over the nation and serve as their HR department away from their office.  This allows them to focus on running a successful business without the hastle and cost of hiring a full HR department staff.  We create a bundle of HR services specific to each client's needs including anything from Payroll (Processing, Taxes), Onboarding/Offboarding (background checks, unemployment, termination of benefits), Employee Benefits Administration (retirement plans, workers compensation insurance, health insurance), Employment Law Compliance, and Risk Mitigation.  I hire SUPERSTARS all over the nation to work in Sales/Business Development roles, Client Account Management roles, and also many different HR Operational type of roles such as Payroll, Benefits, Taxes, Garnishments, etc..  If you know anyone in the market for a new job - I'd love to speak with them to consider them with TriNet, or to refer them to someone in my network for other opportunities!

Melinda Murphy
HR Director

1111 Metropolitan Ave, Suite 400 Charlotte, NC 28204
Main: 704.900.8779
Cell: 703.731.3682

I am an HR Business Partner.  My expertise in working side-by-side with business leaders - facilitating all areas of HR such as compensation, employee relations, and performance management, but also strategizing with them to help create a high performance organization.

Lisa Wilfong


Cell: 917.478.8354

An entrepreneur at heart, Lisa previously owned and operated four salons between Charlotte and New York, while being a partner in Mortimer's Cafe & Pub in Uptown Charlotte.

She has been a realtor since 2008, starting with a local, smaller firm, and joining HM Properties in January of 2011.  Utilizing her diverse business, service industry, and real estate background she delivers top–notch customer service to make your home buying/selling experience an enjoyable one. 

Honors and Credentials
· Licensed in NC & SC
· Top Producer
· National Association of Realtors (NAR)
· North Carolina Association of Realtors (NCAR)
· Charlotte Regional Realtor Association (CRRA)
· Charlotte Multiple Listing Service (CMLS)
· Accredited Buyers’ Representative (ABR)
· Short Sale & Foreclosure Resource Certification (SFR)
· Certified Military Residential Specialist (CMRS)

HM Properies Real Estate

Jennifer Paternostro Moore
Senior Associate Attorney
1315 East Blvd., Suite 250 
Charlotte, NC 28203


Main: 704-919-1519
Fax: 980-219-7025

As the child of divorced parents, Jennifer has seen firsthand the stress the legal system can have on a family. She was fortunate in that her parents had a wonderful support system comprised of other family members and their respective attorneys, making the legal process smooth and manageable. More than ten years later, her family is a happy and loving blend of stepparents, stepchildren, new aunts and uncles, cousins and numerous grandchildren. It is this background that led Jennifer to law school, and specifically to the practice of Family Law. Jennifer attended the University of Florida with the aspiration of eventually attending law school, and fulfilled that dream at the University of South Carolina School of Law. While in school, Jennifer was able to gain experience in many different areas of law – however, none seemed to fit. It wasn’t until she moved to Charlotte that she was finally able to get her feet wet in the practice of Family Law. Jennifer found that her personal history bolstered her passion for Family Law and the compassion she feels towards all of our clients.


Jennifer is thrilled to have found an area of the law that allows her to help those going through a difficult period in their lives come out stronger and happier on the other side, just as her family did. Jennifer’s goal continues to be to dedicate her career to ensuring other families have a similar experience to her own. Jennifer consistently strives to be a strong support system and zealous advocate for those going through a complicated time by providing impeccable service and a sympathetic ear. Jennifer believes that with the right service and support, families can successfully navigate their legal matter and move forward in a positive manner.

Marcellino &Tyson PLLC

Megan Riley
Chief Tour Designer & Guide

Charlotte, NC 
Main: 704-778-7616

Small, group tours to boutique countries for the busy American wanderer as well as travel consulting, with 45 countries of experience, we can hep you craft your next holiday.

MingleHealth logo.png

Kirsten L. Aymer

Sales Director

Charlotte, NC 28270


Phone: 202-487-1737

Carmella Whitehead

828 East Blvd, #204 
Charlotte, NC 28209

Main: 646-530-0993

Therapy For Men and Relationships

Has the trust been broken in your relationship?
Do you feel misunderstood or frustrated with the way you and your partner communicate?
Has your partner become more of a roommate than a loving companion?
Are you wondering if you'll ever be happy in a relationship again?
Are you done with the drama, fighting, and silent treatments?

I can help. Together, will work to:
Move you from feeling stuck and into finding resolution, so that you can move forward with living the life you want. Uncover patterns that created your struggles in relationship and create healthy ways of relating, so that you can build lasting relationships.

understand what you are experiencing and establish clear boundaries for all of your relationships, so that you are able to know what type of people you want closest to you. Find out who you are and what you want from your life and relationships. 

Mary Kay

Lisa O'Brien

NC 28173
Cell: 301-404-0512

Lanie George

Founder and Driector


PO Box 662

Harrisburg, NC 28075

Lanie George is a second generation trafficking survivor.  She was trafficked from the age of 3 to 17.  In 2002, she went back and rescued her Mom. 


Lanie is the Founder and Director of Redeeming Joy, a restoration house that offers sustainable recovery for women over 18 who have survived sexual exploitation/human trafficking.  Their mission is to restore and empower women over 18 to regain their lives physically, emotionally, spiritually, relationally, and socially--helping them overcome their past lives and grow to become confident of their God-given worth and value. They loan hope until each lady has a hope of her own.


Lanie is married to her husband Andy and the mother of 4 children and soon to be a grandma.


Cassandra D'Alessio



Next Page Brand Strategies is a boutique marketing agency that specializes in strategic branding solutions that increase your footprint in the community as well as your bottom line. We work with independently-owned businesses, professional services and corporations with up to $10M in annual sales in the greater Charlotte area. We help our clients determine:

A) Who they are

B) Who they need to reach

C) How they're going to do it

There are hundreds of marketing options for any one business, but we advise you on what options will strengthen your brand and increase your profit for your industry. Stop guessing and let us help you turn the next page. 


Lorie McDonnell
Business Growth Strategist

Main: 704-582-3229

The BUSINESS ROADMAP is an individualized Business and Marketing Plan which provides guidelines for defining, prioritizing, budgeting, and tracking the specific strategies needed to propel your business forward in the shortest amount of time.

From a bird’s eye view, the Owner can evaluate where the business is, establish where the business is going, and clearly see the sequencing of the most important criteria for business growth. This is a nuts and bolts assessment of what is needed to propel growth quickly, and sustain it. Initial focus is on branding, customer acquisition and retention, building a network and a team, cash flow, profitability, and time management. A 90-day summary spreadsheet provides clear guidelines for the Owner to follow daily. Affordable and Effective.         


Kerry Edelstein

President and Founder

Research Narrative, Inc.

Main: 310-770-1137

Research Narrative is a full service market research, insights consulting, and data journalism agency. Founded in 2011, we’ve served as trusted insights advisors for renown media and tech companies like Netflix, Amazon, Verizon, NPR, Discovery, and YouTube.


Our practice is rooted in the belief that research is storytelling. We’ve collaborated with writers, directors, producers, and programmers, and we believe that story is just as important to researchers as it is to entertainers. Research is ultimately about developing insights and action plans. It’s about finding the story in the data. 


As a full service research & insights agency, we offer services in custom market research, insights and analytics consulting, media & social impact evaluation, data journalism, and insights communication coaching for research and data-focused professionals. We operate the research-based ideas and insights site The THINKerry and are home to Trophy Nation, a media brand focused on stories of reinvention and reimaging pathways to success.

Jessica Blair
District Sales Manager-

Charlotte, NC & Charleston, SC


Cell: 704-919-1023

Proliant was formed out of a CPA firm over 25 years ago with a strong focus on providing our clients with exceptional payroll & HR technology solutions.  We help our clients of all sizes and in all industries stay in compliance with the laws surrounding payroll, onboarding, time collection, ACA, benefit administration and more.  If I can be of service to you, please contact me at any time and I’m happy to help!


Tammy Osborn

VP, Personal Lines Manager

Main: 704-516-0263

Basheerah Enahora
Registered Dietitian & Owner

4651 Charlotte Park Dr. Suite 101-C
Charlotte, NC 28217
Main: 704-380-9924


BE Nutrition is a wellness company dedicated to helping women embrace a holistic lifestyle. Our mission is to empower women to understand true nourishment and look past the number on a scale as a measure of success. Every woman is unique, with her own set of nutritional, medical, and lifestyle needs. We combine proven science with mindfulness to create an individualized healthy eating pattern just for you. Our focus is not just on what you eat, but also on how and why you eat.

Together, we look at the connection between your biology and habits that form your health and relationship with food. We empower you with the understanding of how to properly nourish your mind, body, and soul. We believe that you must prioritize your health and put yourself first, no matter how busy your life is. No excuses - you are worth your top priority. Create the life you’re meant to have by replacing neglect, shame or negativity with self-love and proper nourishment.

Kristine Beatty
Outreach Representative
13721 Evening Primrose Drive 
Davidson, NC 28036
Cell: 704-635-1754


I perform community outreach as an advocate for individuals with hearing loss. It is my job to make the community aware of a federally funded program where amplified, captioned telephones are free to those with hearing loss. This is in place due to the ADA which requires that every one has an equal chance to communicate over the telephone. The phones allow individuals with hearing loss to have amplified sound quality and also have word for word captions of what their caller is saying. We also install these phones for those in need of assistance with set up and training on their use. I love helping people and want to make sure that people with hearing loss no longer have to struggle over the telephone!


Bethany Sprague FNP-C
Family Nurse Practitioner
181 N Main St Suite 215 
Mooresville, NC 28115
Office: 704-230-2339
Cell: 704-728-9509


Do you or someone you love have chronic pain? Well you may be surprised to know 1:3 Americans live with chronic pain. Pain has the ability to affect all aspects of your life from the ability to work, enjoy your family, sleep, and enjoy life. Our team at Ignite Vitality is passionate about changing the current conventional way of treating pain with opiates, steroids, and medications that cover up the symptoms. We are a Functional/Integrative Practice that looks at getting to the root cause of pain and suffering, which is uncontrolled inflammation. We treat chronic pain, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, auto immune diseases, and other many other conditions. Our team works with clients as an interconnected whole to treat body, minds, heart, and spirit. We are here to guide our clients back to the health they desire, and hopefully eliminate, or at least manage the suffering with a compassionate team.  

Natasha Hemmingway
3912 Wilgrove Way Dr. 
Charlotte, NC 28213
Main: 704.502.5209
Fax: 704.625.9100
Cell: 704-502.5209


Medtronic is a global leader in medical technology, services, and solutions. We collaborate with others to take on healthcare's greatest challenges.

Kerry Edelstein

President and Founder

Research Narrative, Inc.


Main: 310-770-1137

Research Narrative is a full service market research, insights consulting, and data journalism agency. Founded in 2011, we’ve served as trusted insights advisors for renown media and tech companies like Netflix, Amazon, Verizon, NPR, Discovery, and YouTube.


Our practice is rooted in the belief that research is storytelling. We’ve collaborated with writers, directors, producers, and programmers, and we believe that story is just as important to researchers as it is to entertainers. Research is ultimately about developing insights and action plans. It’s about finding the story in the data. 


As a full service research & insights agency, we offer services in custom market research, insights and analytics consulting, media & social impact evaluation, data journalism, and insights communication coaching for research and data-focused professionals. We operate the research-based ideas and insights site The THINKerry and are home to Trophy Nation, a media brand focused on stories of reinvention and reimaging pathways to success.


LaChish Reddicks 

Founder/ President

Non Profit

Main: 704-659-6943

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