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“Are you a magnet? Do you attract people to you?”

Tammy Rojas is one such person.

Originally from New York, Tammy has lived in the Huntersville area since 2008 with her husband, Rick Rojas and 2 furbabies, Maggie and Copper. Her family is very diverse. If you want to know more about THAT one, you can ask her, that is it’s own book/story and better served when you get to know her personally.

She is one of those people that, when you meet her, draws you in, allows you to open up to her, is just immediately warm and fuzzy. She is caring, smart as a whip and FUNNY! And she loves dogs. I mean, if you don’t love animals we wonder, don’t we?! Seriously, you find yourself confiding in someone like Tammy because you know, quickly, that you can trust her. She knows how to look out for your best interest.

Why is this so important? How does that make her a magnet?

When we looked for someone to Direct the North Chapter of the organization, she was the immediate front runner. She’s a natural recruiter, knowing when someone is a good fit for the group and when the group is a good fit for them. She listens! To run a chapter, you have to know and have your finger on the pulse of the membership. She knows how to connect on a deep level and that helps keep her in the loop. She cares about the mission of the organization and it shows with the way she talks about the group. She is charismatic, creative, compassionate (why are all of these starting with C?!), empathetic and unassuming.

These traits, and more, draw people to her. They make people want to participate in the things she participates in. These traits encourage people to come together. All of this combines to make her a magnet and leader. Even though she had not really thought of herself as someone to lead a group!

The definition of a magnetic personality is this: A person with a sense of calm self-confidence and authenticity who others are drawn towards instinctively. These people are excellent listeners with the power to make anyone feel important and validated. While not always the center of attention, magnetic personalities radiate a powerful and slightly mysterious influence, and are often extremely wise and thoughtful. Their natural charisma and sincerity makes them perceived as very trustworthy, and they may naturally attract followers, whether or not they are eager to lead.

Sounds like Tammy to me. Sounds like a great Director for Business Sorority! Check out the North Chapter, call Tammy for a one on one, figure out how to get to know her and see for yourself what an amazing and magnetic person she is! You can find her on our website under the member listing, she is the head creative chick at redhot marketing+design.

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