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DisrUPtion: Born from the Chrysalis by: Natalie Viglione

Natalie Viglione, CLC, CPC, CBC  Founder & President
Natalie Viglione, CLC, CPC, CBC Founder & President

DisrUPtion: Born from the Chrysalis

• Every person has their own unique super powers discoverable in times of disruption. With great pain comes great change, and with great change comes times of rebirth, renewal and the ability to discover our True Self. • Running to “what’s safe” is not how we thrive, that’s purely an act of survival. We need to run and/or embrace moments that cause massive disruption on our journeys. • By closely examining the rebirth of a butterfly, we will dive into how this is a metaphor for our personal cycles of self-transformation as humans and what the power of “disrUPtion” can really mean for us to build truly spectacular lives!

When we’re born, we are born under a shield or a set of wings, so to speak. That sheltering entity protects us and teaches us that we must be careful, that we must be safe, and while that comes from a good place, it can also become a weight, an anchor, as to how we grow and develop. And, in our childhood and as we grow up, we’re often taught to look outside of ourselves for self-validation, which usually means we’re shown what our purpose is rather than allowing us to discover it all by ourselves and reaching into that innate intuition we own at birth. Our upbringing in a “haven” can become the very thing we end up fighting without even knowing it as we get older. This speaking session called DisrUPtion: Born from the Chrysalis is to ignite conversation around my concept of disruption; why running to and/or embracing great change in our lives, or what I call disrUPtion moments, will get us UP and out of stuck points and pushed onto the paths we’re truly meant for. I’ll provide my own real-life samples of disrUPtion moments and why they can directly correlate to the way a butterfly is born. That even in times of darkness (a metaphor for the chrysalis) we can go within and come out on the other side just as a butterfly does; even more beautiful and totally renewed! It’s in times like these when we connect to our True Self even further and can emerge vibrating at higher frequencies to make our life one for the books. A life journey that’s truly awesome! This is my purpose, to teach individuals to embrace disrUPtion and how to be OK with that process and say NO to status quo!

Natalie Viglione is a cycle breaker and truth seeker. A few years ago, after a 17-year aggressive corporate career going up the ranks in sales and marketing roles in San Francisco and New York City, she founded an award-winning Business and Coaching Services entity called Team Gu which she runs with her husband, Mark Viglione, now in Charlotte, NC. They focus on creating ideas made to stick and are a group of “gurus” (meaning influential teachers) that help in niche services around sales, marketing and the operations serving those two functions.

Natalie has recently disrupted her own life path by creating a visionary program called Disrupt Now, which is also a podcast. She’s a trained and certified Life, Professional and Business Coach. Her main purpose is to help individuals and the companies they run realize their full potential and say NO to the status quo!

• NOTE: Team Gu LLC is the full company name and Gu is said like “goo”

SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook @TeamGuDisruptNow Twitter @TeamGuLLC Instagram @DisruptNowProgram


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